Do you enjoy…… having fun?……. getting to know new people?………making life long friends?……………….Finding out exciting ways to play?

You should join your local community playgroup.

Playgroup Association NT offers a variety of member benefits and packages.

Membership benefits include:

Personal accident and property cover for you and your children while attending a registered playgroup session.

On all aspects of positive parenting, child development, learning through play and playgroup skills.

You are able to access as many different affiliated NT playgroups as you wish and will be covered by your membership insurance for all of them.

Practical Support
You have access to all Playgroup House facilities and referrals to other support services in the NT.

Membership Fees:

You are entitled to TWO FREE visits at the playgroup of your choice. On your third visit, you will be asked to pay a session fee to help cover the running of the playgroup and you will be required to become a member of the Playgroup Association of NT.

Playgroup Association membership is required to ensure that you and the playgroup you attend are covered by insurance when attending playgroup.

Session fees vary between playgroups, but on average are offered at $3 per family/per week.

Family membership

For families/individuals attending registered Playgroups and/or Play Gym.

$35 inc GST per year

$20.00 inc GST per half year (after 1 July)

Membership Form Cash and Direct Deposit – 2017

Casual membership

For families accessing Playgroup on a casual basis or for a short period only. This fee is in addition to the individual playgroups normal session fee,

$3 per child, per session in GST.


Please note: Membership information is confidential, not for commercial purposes and is collected in accordance with the Commonwealth Privacy Act (2014). Playgroup Association NT is funded in part by the NT and Australian Governments and collects this information for statistical analysis, for insurance purposes and to assist with planning and enhancing our services. If you have concerns, please contact the office on 1800 171 882 (toll free) during office hours. Membership is valid for 12 months only and is not refundable, but is transferable to any other Playgroup Association throughout Australia.