Defence Dandelions

Who is the Defence Dandelions playgroup for?

Defence Dandelions is a Playgroup that focuses on Defence families who may be experiencing PND, PTSD, anxiety and/or depression. Children from the ages of 0-5 years are welcome with their parents or caregivers.

How will a Defence Dandelions playgroup benefit my family?

Defence Dandelions is a peer support group for family well-being. It is delivered in a fun, non-judgemental environment for families who may be feeling overwhelmed or who would like to extend their network of friends in the NT. Adults can socialise and exchange experience and peer support with other families in similar situations, and children develop valuable skills in communication, following routines and sharing.

What happens at a Defence Dandelions playgroup?

A range of activities will be on offer for the children to choose from, including arts and crafts and outside activities. A routine of morning tea, singing and dancing, story time and a farewell song is led by the Playgroup NT staff. Families bring morning tea for their children which helps prepare for school readiness.

Where is Defence Dandelions held?

Defence Dandelions is held every Thursday during school terms from 9:30am-11:30am at Playgroup House, Marrara.

Will I need to pay?

There is no session fee for the Defence Dandelions playgroup, but families do need to have membership with Playgroup NT. Defence Dandelions is funded by the Defence Community Organisation (DCO) Family Support Funding Program (FSFP).

Who should I contact?

For more information please contact Kristen at Playgroup NT: (08) 8945 7775.