Frangipani Friends

Who is the Frangipani Friends playgroup for?

Frangipani Friends is for families who may be experiencing post-natal depression and/or anxiety. This playgroup welcomes children between the ages of 0-5 years.

How will a Frangipani Friends playgroup benefit my family?

Frangipani Friends provides parents and caregivers with a friendly, safe and non-judgemental environment for connection, support, and attachment with child/ren. Families are able to discuss their experiences with others who have similar lived experience, and can learn about further support services from Playgroup NT staff. Techniques for developing attachment between parent/caregiver and child/ren are available. Frangipani Friends is a space where post-natal depression and/or anxiety are understood and supported.

What happens at a Frangipani Friends playgroup?

A range of activities will be on offer for the children to choose from, including arts and crafts and outside activities. A routine of morning tea, singing and dancing, story time and a farewell song is led by Playgroup NT staff. Families bring morning tea for their children which helps prepare for school readiness. Playgroup NT staff can provide preliminary support or refer families to other services.

Where is Frangipani Friends held?

Frangipani Friends is held every Tuesday during school terms from 9am-11am at the Palmerston Child and Family Centre, 2 Brennan Ct, Farrar.

Do I need to pay?

There is no playgroup session fee for Frangipani Friends, however families do need to have membership with Playgroup NT. This playgroup is funded by the Australian Government Red Cross Communities for Children Program.

Who should I contact?

For more information please contact Trudie at Playgroup NT on (08) 8945 7775.